Founded in 2007, the company RuSky Group is the leader of the Russian market for the supply of foreign supplies, tools and chemicals for civil Avicena. In our warehouse in Moscow, we constantly replenish store and a wide range of different nomenclature for the maintenance and repair of aircraft of Western manufacturers and Sukhoi Super Jet. Including: Aviakhim, normal, supplies, lamps, filters, candles and dozens of the most vostrebovnnyh naimenovny. Qualitatively organized supply chain can deliver products with our European and American stores consolidated weekly parties with significant savings on transport costs, or shortcuts in the shortest possible time in the AOG conditions. Our regular customers include major airlines, repair organizations (MRO), rotorcraft operators, as well as manufacturing facilities in Russia and the CIS. We will be glad to see you among them!


Flexible ball Flexball control rod,

Triumph Controls France (CBA)

Fasteners Lisi Aerospace - for engines

parts of metal and the composite,

locks for doors and hatches

Fastening on the adhesive-based Click-Bond

Soficor Mäder - special aviation paints and coatings

Cherry Aerospace Fasteners




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